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We present the: ABC Dienstleistung App

The release of the ABC Dienstleistung app marks the end of a short but extremely productive project. Together with designer Sathis Nageswaran, our team has packaged the ordering process for construction machinery, bulk goods and other services from ABC Dienstleistung in an easy and quick-to-use app.

At the heart of the ABC Dienstleistung app is the web-based ordering portal developed individually for ABC Dienstleistung, which guides the customer quickly to the booking or order. But as is so often the case, if you use the services frequently, an app is simply quicker. That's why owner Florian Storm contacted us together with designer Sathis Nageswaran.

After an initial conception phase, the project went into implementation and represents the first cross-platform app that we initially implemented in the new .NET MAUI framework. Not only did we create a fast and intuitive app, but we also learned a lot for future projects.

Thanks to the excellent preparatory work on the web components, the implementation of the ABC Dienstleistung app took only a few days in our company and on November 13, 2023 the app was submitted to Google and Apple for testing and passed all test criteria without any comments.

The next expansion stage for the ABC Dienstleistung app is one of the most important app features of all: push notifications. This will enable ABC Dienstleistung to inform its customers about important seasonal trends and current offers in a direct and personal way. Our team will support ABC Dienstleistung in creating and managing these push campaigns so that Mr. Storm and his employees can fully concentrate on their core business.

The ABC Dienstleistung app shows that apps are not just for large companies, but can also offer small and medium-sized companies measurable advantages in customer interaction.

Are you also interested? - Then get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with information and advice on the benefits, effort and costs of an app, as well as what options you can use to get funding for the development of your own app as part of your digitalization strategy.

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