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After the concept and the initial design have been developed, we can finally start with the development of the app.

Functioning of Xamarin.Forms - Copyright Microsoft

As already explained in the design section, the implementation of the app is very dynamic for us. At the beginning of each sprint (2-week iteration), we determine together with the team which components of the app will be implemented. After that, the team works autonomously for 2 weeks, unless there are queries about the implementation.

At the end of the two weeks, there is a joint meeting with you or your team and we look at the current development status together. The feedback from this meeting flows directly into the next iteration.

Parallel to the implementation, our design team works on the various views in the app, so that the developers always have all the information such as layouts, icons, etc. at hand at the right time.

In parallel, our management team works out open details with you and your team and prioritizes the tasks. This is the crucial part so that the app reaches the basic functional scope as quickly as possible and can be released early if necessary.

Our team uses a cross-platform technology called Xamarin.Forms and its successor .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI). Originally developed to enable the simultaneous development of apps for Google's Android and Apple's iOS / iPadOS, Xamarin.Forms is now much more.

Our team can develop apps for pretty much any platform thanks to Xamarin.Forms, be it smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, smart TV or even computer running Windows, macOS or even Linux.


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