Everything you need for the operational use of your app.

Done! Your app is published!

But the work is not done yet. We can support you and your team here as well.


Communicate directly with your users with push notifications. Our own push notification solution can send messages to devices running iOS and Android. On Android, we support Google's own push service, and for Huawei devices, we also support Huawei's push service.

Even if your app was not developed by us, we are happy to provide you with our push service. Just contact us.

Mobile App Analytics

Over the past 10+ years, there has been one constant in the world of internet traffic tracking: Google Analytics. Sure, there have always been many alternatives, but thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), using Google Analytics and similar tools is becoming more complex and difficult.

For mobile apps, the whole thing goes one step further: Apple already started to restrict or even prevent third-party tracking in iOS apps with the introduction of iOS 15, and Google followed suit in October 2022 and enacted a similar policy for the Google Play Store.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: you host your analytics system under your own domain! Since it is a first-party system and therefore does not fall under the restrictions of third-party tracking.

Our team can support you with integration and hosting within the EU and North America.

Learn more in our blog post on the topic.

Maintenance and care

Even though your app is published, the work is not over. Happy users expect continuous updates with bug fixes and new features.

We are happy to support you and your team in keeping the app up-to-date and as bug-free as possible. It doesn't matter if you had the app developed by us or by someone else.

The only requirement is that your app is based on Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms. This requirement can change, of course, we will inform you about it in our blog.

Customer Service

We know from experience that customer service is a challenge for many. That's why we offer you and your team the possibility to take over the customer service around your app.

Of course, this does not apply to customer service for the services and products that you and your team offer in the app. Therefore, we would also visually separate this clearly in the app. This way, our team can focus on actual issues with the app and your team can focus on the issues they are familiar with.

This service is only available for apps that have been developed by us or that have been handed over to us as a service partner for maintenance.


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