With crowd tests and automated test procedures to the Perfect App

Testing during development

While the app is being implemented, our developers implement so-called unit and UI tests. The former test the business logic of the app and the latter obviously test the user interface of the new app.

Crowd testing

Before the new app is released, it goes through another testing process called crowd testing. Here, people from different age groups and social classes go through the app and look for misbehavior.

This not only uncovers overlooked bugs, but also collects valuable suggestions for improvement. Our team goes through the results with you and your team and together we look at what improvements we can implement before release and what should be done later.

These tests are run automatically when the primary development state of the app has been updated. As a result, developers get direct feedback about any issues.

Accordingly, this reduces the error rate at the sprint (2-week interation) end. This drastically reduces the time to fix bugs before the app is released.


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